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GME in Las Vegas!

Global Money Express is now starting to widen the connection with different companies worldwide with the help of Money 20/20 held from October 24 to 27, 2021, in Las Vegas, USA. The 4-days fintech conference brought together over 7,500+ attendees and 2,300+ companies from across the globe.

Money20/20 was founded in 2012 by Payments and Fintech veterans from Google, TSYS, and Citi. Since then, Money20/20 has solidified its leading global stage where stories unfold and shape the future. It’s where the Payments, Banking, Fintech, and Financial Services community unites to create new and disruptive ways to move, manage, spend, and borrow money. Networking plays a crucial role in growing a business’s brand and increasing its visibility – Money20/20 is more than just a networking event. Money20/20 has grown from a 2,000-person event in 2012 to a global phenomenon. “It’s still the only place where all the players come together every year. If you’re only going to go to one financial services conference, you should come to Money20/20. “, said Adam Ludwin, the President & COO of Byte Inc.

GME had the pleasure of being in Las Vegas for Money20/20, the place where money meets technology. The GME team was excited to be attending, as this was the first time attending a Money20/20 event! GME was looking forward to meeting many interesting people from the industry and discovering what everyone else was working on. Not only the event itself was well organized, but all attendees were also facilitated with a mobile app where we could find the agenda, all speakers, and other attendees and even send a message to them. Thanks to the app we arrange 4-days meetings and all kinds of events’ schedules with no hassle. Besides pre-arranged meetings, the best networking happens at parties.

Every day there were networking drinks happening after the agenda organized directly by Money20/20 team. In addition, there were many invite-only parties organized by attending companies happening after the day’s schedule was over. Alongside cultivating the meaningful relationships in all the meetings and parties. GME team appreciates the great content in panel discussions and all stages, from startup pitches to the big keynotes where people like big shot CEOs present. It was a busy 4-days with loads of networking and lots of lessons learned.

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