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The “kotatsu” is a traditional Japanese heating appliance that consists of a table with a built-in heating mechanism underneath. It is commonly used during the cold winter season to create a cozy and warm environment, allowing people to enjoy comfort and relaxation. The heat emitted from the heater warms the space underneath the table, which is covered with blankets or futons, providing warmth to the legs and feet. This unique structure and warm ambiance of the kotatsu contribute to a sense of relaxation and make it an ideal setting for gathering with family and friends. The kotatsu is a part of Japanese culture and is cherished in many households.

Eating mandarins (known as “mikan” in Japanese) and ice cream while sitting at the kotatsu is a combination that allows one to savor the special flavors of winter. The kotatsu provides warmth and comfort, enhancing the sweetness and juiciness of the mandarins. The warmth from the kotatsu, combined with the refreshing flavor of the mandarins, creates a cozy and delightful experience, offering a comforting moment during the winter season. Mandarins are easily peeled and enjoyed, making them a popular snack to complement the relaxing time spent in the kotatsu.

Furthermore, enjoying ice cream within the kotatsu is a unique experience. While ice cream is typically associated with summer desserts, having it in the kotatsu during winter allows for a contrasting and indulgent sensation. The creaminess and rich flavors of the ice cream, juxtaposed with the cold environment, result in a special taste sensation.

Combining the kotatsu with mandarins and ice cream creates an even more special and enjoyable winter experience. Alongside the warmth of the kotatsu, savoring the deliciousness of mandarins and ice cream helps deepen bonds with family and friends. As symbols of winter traditions, the kotatsu, mandarins, and ice cream are intertwined, representing the joy and warmth of the winter season.


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